Linen Top Design

Design for Linen top.


Inspired by: Celtic Sheepskin Drop Shoulder Tape Knit:

A wide-necked, boxy shape in a wonderfully attractive cotton tape yarn, this has a wide rib at the sides, decorated with rivershell buttons, which extends to the edges of the cropped sleeves. Wear it day or evening, ideally over something strappy to show off your golden shoulders




Linen Top by Kath Coyle

I posted a photo of this linen top to my flickr page and had a couple of people ask about the pattern so I thought I’d offer it here. It’s a good summer knitting project (no heavy wool here) and a good summer top to wear. The work is done from side to side and stretches open quite a bit after blocking.

Finished Size: about 50” (127 cm) circumference, and 17” (43 cm) long, measured from shoulder to hem.

Yarn: Louet Sales Euroflax Sport Weight (100% Linen; 270 yd [246 m]/ 3.5 oz [100] g), 2 skeins. I made this quite a few years ago when the skeins were bigger and used one skein but I think you will need just a bit more than one. The top weighs 116 g.

Needles: Size 9 (5.5-mm)

Gauge: 11 sts and 19 rows = 4” (10 cm) in St st AFTER BLOCKING.

Eyelet Ridge: First row (WS) Knit. Next row (RS): *Yo, k2tog; repeat from *. Next row (WS): Knit.
Pattern: (Make 2) With the long tail method, loosely CO 46 sts. Starting with a purl row, work in St st for 24 rows. Next row (WS) work Eyelet Ridge. Continue in St st for 64 rows. Next row (WS) work Eyelet Ridge. Continue in St st for 24 rows. Bind off loosely.

Finishing: Wet block to desired measurements. Sew sides 8“ (20.5 cm) from hem. Sew shoulders 5“ (12.5 cm) from edge. If you want a firmer neckline, single crochet around neck edge. Weave in ends.

  1. 1.        Kat
    July 22nd, 2010 @ 12:23 am

I’ve written the pattern out in a different way, that might be more easy to understand:

Row 1 (WS): Purl

Row 2 (RS): Knit

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 24 rows.

work Eyelet ridge thus

Row 25 (WS): Knit

Row 26 (RS): *Yo, k2tog; repeat from *.

Row 27 (WS): Knit

(then work in St st as follows)

Row 28 (RS): Knit

Row 29 (WS): Purl

Rep rows 28 and 29 for 64 rows.

work Eyelet ridge

Row 93 (WS): Knit.

Row 94 (RS): Yo, k2tog; repeat from *.

Row 95 (WS): Knit.

(then work in St st as follows)

Row 96 (RS): Knit

Row 97 (WS): Purl.

Repeat rows 96 and 97 for 24 rows.

I hope this helps!



I’m going to adapt Kat’s basic pattern to include the neck shaping and the Buttons of the Celtic one and using rib edging rather than the eyelets.


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