Free Pattern – Pearl Rose Bracelet

A last-minute girly gift that I made this evening. Uses the tiniest amount of yarn and takes less than an hour. I made this one using Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze yarn, which is a mixture of kid mohair and silk.

Knitted with 5mm needles.
Cast on 100 sts.
1st row: Knit
2nd Row: Purl 2 tog (50 sts)
3rd Row: Knit 2 tog,(25 sts)
4th Row: Purl 2 tog, Purl 1 (13 sts)
5th Row: Knit 2 tog, Knit 1 (7 sts)

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and coil into rose shape. Secure with a few stitches and fasten to an elasticated pearl bead bracelet.

Can also be glued onto hairslides, brooch backs, hairbands, rings etc.

I added it onto a pearl bracelet and it looks lovely!

Sorry the photo is so rubbish but I only had my phone camera to hand and the light was awful, but I think you can get the general idea. Also on, search Laurencara Knits patterns.


One Response to Free Pattern – Pearl Rose Bracelet

  1. Sally says:

    What a lovely pattern – I am a newish knitter and as you said this took under an hour to do one. I plan to make some more and give gifts to friends. Thank you

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