Free Pattern – Another Rose by Any Other Name Brooch

Note you can buy this, handknitted by me for £12 from my Folksy shop, search for Laurencaraknits, or if you want to make one yourself, here’s what you need to do…

You will need:

Aran weight wool scraps in two colours or (DK & mohair held together)

4mm knitting needles

Darning needle

Pinking Shears

Fabric & Organza scraps

Brooch Back or Hairpin/clip


Cast on 120 sts with first colour.

Change to second colour .

1st row: p to end

2nd row: k2tog to end

Repeat these 2 rows til 4 sts left, pull wool through remaining sts and fasten off. Curl into a spiral shape and secure with a few stitches using tail ends. Weave in ends.

Using pinking shears cut 3 leaf shapes – 1 from green tweed fabric and 2 from organza in gold and green. With tweed at bottom and 2 layers of organza on top sew on to back of flower, slightly fanning out the leaves.

Sew on brooch back or hairpin and wear with pride!

Any questions, please contact me!


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