Current Projects


I’m desperately working on this at the moment, trying to get it finished by the end of the week (I said that back in April). The one I made earlier is too small around the boobs, so trying to work out how to get a better fit.

(photo MIETTE)


I’m frantically knitting Christmas gifts, I have to do a load of flower brooches for the craft stall and for Lucy who has asked me to make some for her to give as presents. I’ll upload a photo when I have them all sewn up and the pins attached.

26/12 – Here you go…

See my free pattern “Another Rose by Any Other Name Brooch”

I’m also trying to get started on another hat. I have the design and the yarn ready, just need to remember where I left my 5mm circulars!


It turned out beautifully… here is the photo…


One Response to Current Projects

  1. 1st Feb 2011

    I’m knitting slippers in chunky wool that I will felt in the washing machine. They look like wooly clogs!

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