Free Pattern: Cat Beret for Tigu

I’ve made Tigu a hat for Christmas. It is a lovely bright green beret. I hope he likes it. If there is enough wool he might even get a scarf or a collar to match. Note Tigu is quite a large cat, I’ve added the piano photo to give you an idea of size, just adjust the needle/yarn size for a smaller/larger hat.

This is what I can remember:

cast on 36
chunky wool & 5mm dpn’s
4 rows 2×2 rib
next row: kfb, kfb, p2 repeat around 54sts
next 6 rows: k around
next round: k7, k2tog repeat around
next round: k6, k2tog repeat around
next round: k5, k2tog repeat around

keep decreasing as set til hole is almost closed then draw thread through stitches and fasten off.

Photo is not great as he wouldn’t sit still long enough! At first he wasn’t sure about it and shook it off but he eventually got used to it and quite liked wearing it. If you make this for your cat please send me your photos so I can add to pattern page!

I’ll also add it to Ravelry when I get time. Any questions please email me.

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